Covid -19 Rental Property Marketing

  • Published: 16 May 20

COVID-19 as we know has had a significant impact on the rental market activity

and how the market and our agents have adapted to the current circumstances.




The Rental Market has changed and we as agents are having to adapt to the current circumstances.

All is not lost though, surprisingly we are having a lot of interest on the properties that are available for let and our agents are now adapting to the recent changes with our new Covid protocols.

The changes so far ….How to deal with applicants via video calling, viewings with social distancing, application based viewings only, video tours, online marketing, remote desks etc etc. Our recent changes have been complimented with up to date agent training which has proven to work so far with the applicants as we have had many tenancies agreed and Properties Let as essential Moves during the Lockdown.

What does the future hold…we will have to wait and see, but for us just now its business kind of as usual !! ( what ever that means ) 



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