Welcome To Glasgow – Glasgow Student Population

Glasgow is home to at least seven universities and colleges. Being the largest city in Scotland, and with the Glasgow student population growing Glasgow offers its students a great deal of value and culture. The opera, ballet, concert halls and the national orchestra are to name a few. The city also has a lot of theatres, art galleries, and museums for its students to visit. Much of Glasgow’s economic success can be attributed to its large population of highly-skilled employees. Glasgow’s four universities are internationally renowned centres for teaching and research and have a student population of over 100,000. Almost 40% of graduates enter the city’s workforce upon completion of their studies and a further 17% find employment in the surrounding metropolitan area.

The expansion of Glasgow’s knowledge-based economy continues to attract graduates and young professionals; 35% of Glasgow residents are aged 20 to 39 and single person households represent two-thirds of the city’s population, making it an excellent location for buy-to-let property investment.