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  • Knowing the current rental figures in the surrounding area
  • What is the minimum and maximum rental figure your property can achieve?
  • What steps to take to improve the rental figure for your property?
  • What measures can be done to improve your chances for a higher rental amount

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We have found that when a place just feels right, the first few minutes are often all prospective tenants need to decide. This means that making your property look its best could be the difference between a quick rental and a long slog with an empty house or flat on the market.

We are highly focused on finding the right tenants and finding them quickly. As a result, our occupancy rates are between 90% – 95%; meaning we have very few houses and flats which are empty and not assigned to new tenants.

It takes skill and expertise to negotiate a tenancy successfully through to completion and still achieve the best possible price. Through training and experience our agents offer expert advice on both the letting process and your legal obligations as a landlord.

97% of our properties are void free

Our rental arrears are less than 3% vs the typical glasgow average of around 9%

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