Covid-19 Glasgow Rental Property Marketing

  • Published: 16 May 20

COVID-19 Glasgow Rental Property Marketing

as we know this has had a significant impact on rental market activity


The Glasgow Rental Market has changed and we as agents are going to have to adapt.

All is not lost though, moving home or looking for a new place is still an active process.

Adapting to the current changes is the way forward and a new agent training program will put forward new system changes for applicants.

How to deal with applicants via video calling, viewings with social distancing, online applications, application based viewings only, virtual viewings, online video & property marketing, remote desks, remote teams etc etc. These are just some of the recent proposed changes which will be complimented with up to date agent training.


CLS – 163 Parklands Oval Glasgow

CLS glasgow branded lettings viewings vehicle



The Glasgow rental market has changed and our approach going forward will also be changing.






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